Club Ride Cross-Wind Jacket & Rale Jeans Review

I remember when I had one skort to wear and one pair of shorts that I bought on sale. The shorts were a perfect fit. Except when I had to take them off. And then I had to wiggle them over my hips. 13 years ago I feel like there weren’t many choices for women when it came to buying bike clothes. Well those days are over and Club Ride is a big part of what makes it so fun to get dressed to ride your bike. I recently tested the Club Ride Rale Jeans and the Cross-Wind Jacket. Now if you’re like me if you hear the word “jeans” and mountain biking well those two don’t quite seem to go together. But Club Ride seems to always find a way to make fashion marry function and come out looking like the new hot couple.

I was skeptical about the Rale Jeans. But I should have known Club Ride would have it dialed in. They really aren’t jeans. They are made out of StretchRide9™ material. Read: Stretchy, breathable. And get this. They have NoCrackBack™. Read: People won’t see your backside business when riding. They are sold as urban wear. Something to wear around town and into the office or to the barstool after work. I wore them both on my cruiser to the coffee shop and on a ride up and down one of the canyons. Worked great both times. Especially last week when I didn’t quite nail the weather and it was a wee chilly. There is reflective material and a side pocket with a media port and there are two well placed pockets (they will make your bum look awesome and small) on the back. Length is probably perfect for the average person. I had to roll mine up cause I’m a troll. But they looked cute. There is also an adjustable waist thing inside in case you ride your bike so much your waist starts to melt away.

The Cross-Wind Jacket comes in two colors; turquoise and chrome. I chose chrome. Very nice. Very lightweight and long in the back in order to keep you cozy and cover your back business in the event you aren’t wearing NoCrackBack™ pants or shorts. I just love saying that. Super packable. There is both a zippered pocket and a snap pocket (wouldn’t be Club Ride without a smidge of a cool western look) in the front (over your breast). If this was my Christmas list (and most of my reviews are really just that) I would ask for two things from the Cross-Wind Jacket; slimmer arms and two side pockets. First the arms. I emailed Club Ride right off the bat and asked them to look into the arms because they are a bit blousy. Now one girl’s ceiling is another girl’s floor so they might feel just right to you….and I would love a few extra pockets because I want to wear this jacket All. The. Time. And I like to be able to put my car keys in easy to get to pockets. Maybe that’s just me. But the pockets up top are perfect for your credit card and some cash for a latte. And by the way Club Ride is checking on the design. (LOVE those guys!)
In my dream life I live on some mountainside in Sun Valley Idaho (can you tell I like the Club Ride website) and I’m sitting around with all my buddies and we are in our Club Ride gear. We look cool cause we just rode and now we are pondering the sunset with a beer in our hand. This is what these clothes do to you. They somehow make you forget about the laundry and the grocery store and the dinner you have to cook. They make you feel hip (very tough for me to pull off) and they make you feel like a mountain bike rock star. And oh yeah. They are made well and built to last. Not bad for a day on the side of the mountain huh?

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