Club Ride Wheel Cute Jersey Review

Club Ride rocks. I could stop there but I won’t. That would be a very short review wouldn’t it? I’ll elaborate.
Club Ride continues to deliver great options for women’s clothing. I have the Bandara jersey and every single time I wear it I think, “I just feel cool wearing this.” It’s like Club Ride knows how to design clothing that makes people like me feel sassy, kick ass and totally rad.

Club Ride sent me the Wheel Cute Jersey and again, it’s a homerun. First let’s run the facts. The jersey comes in S, M, L, XL and it comes in two colors; clover (think light brown) and denim (think blue). Both have a total kick butt design of subtle yet bold bicycle wheels. The material is so light and airy that I’m not kidding, I looked down to be sure I had a shirt on. I wore it on the bike, on the treadmill and in my bed. I LOVE it. The material for all you techies is made of Sheer2Dry™ wicking burnout fabric. To me and you this means it dries so fast you won’t even realize you were sweating. And it’s as light as a feather. There is also a handy hidden for your pleasure pocket; perhaps to hide a bit o cash or a key.

The Wheel Cute Jersey is a bonus for your closet. You can wear the jersey for yoga, biking, the gym and I’d wear it out at night when I’ve left the kids at home and I want to take my homeless/nutty professor/mom with no style look to another level. I too want to look cute. Wheel cute. (I had to go there) And if I’ve said this once I’ve said this a million times; there’s nothing wrong with wanting your radness on the bike to be rivaled by your awesome clothing.
Club Ride does it right. Check them out.

Author: Cheri Felix

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