"NO" West TSA continues ban on bikers

Council Members voted to continue the ban on mountain bikes (all bikes really) in the West TSA AND ban on horses going off trail AND closing 42 of the 58 miles of social trails. There was however one council member who did vote for bikes (remember this folks)
From the Daily Camera

Councilwoman KC Becker was the only council member who said she would have supported allowing mountain bikes in the southern portion of the study area.

"I want for us, as a community, to be inclusive whenever we can," she said. "I think it would be a great gesture, and I think it's a workable one."

Please read the Daily Camera for a complete story on the decision

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I watched most of the

I watched most of the meeting. I believe Ken Wilson also said something about being disappointed that the council couldn't come together to share a small portion of the open space trail network to mtn bikes. For the most part I was saddened and amazed at a group of people who barely seemed to understand what they were voting on or how to vote on it.

I was a teenage mtn biker in the 80s when bikes were essentially banned from all trails in boulder. I mostly ride on the road now, but I do still mountain bike occasionally. It seems odd that I can access, almost entirely by bike trail, the area that would be served by a N-S corridor trail through TSA, from my home just north of Louisville.

The more things change...

Also I would say that KC

Also I would say that KC Becker's 'support' was pretty pathetic.

She basically said that she was told in private it wouldn't pass, so she wasn't going to actually embarrass anyone by actually putting it to a vote. Then she told some pointless anecdote about her kid getting naked to go pee pee. Nice representation.

Bikes are destructive, cause

Bikes are destructive, cause erosion, and should be banned. If you want to bike, stay in the road. Mountain biking is not an environmental-friendly activity. It should not be allowed in areas destined to protect the local flora and fauna. I am glad this ban passed in the council.