2007 Roubaix winner will not defend title

303Racing recently caught up with Chuck Coyle about his 07 victory and plans for 08.

[303Racing]:What is your plan for 08 (assuming you are racing it)?

[Coyle]: First of all I can not tell you how bummed I am that I am going to miss the Roubaix this year. It overlaps with the Tour of Utah and myself and team are committed to it. I was able to win the race last year and I have been 2nd once before. I don't think that anyone has ever 2-peated Roubaix and I really wanted to be the first.

303Racing: What was your strategy for winning the 07 race?

[Coyle]: Going into the race in 2007 I knew I was on good form.... the kind that you only have for a few weeks a year. Racing had been going great and I was motivated to come back home from being on the road and put in a good performance. I also knew that in years past the race has traditionally been won out of a break-away. Just from looking at the course and profile you wouldn't think it is but breaks seem to always manage to get away.
So, I was keeping a close eye on who went up the road and how far they got. A couple laps into the race a dangerous move got away and I waited till they were about 20-seconds ahead of us and then I bridged across.

For the sprint I still felt great and really wanted us all to come to the line together. I played it as cool as possible and had to start my sprint at about 300-meters because Blake Caldwell had attacked us over the feed-zone climb and I just got him 20-metters before the finish.

303Racing: How will the race be different being that it is in August instead of

[Coyle]: It is going to be an interesting race. With the extreme heat we have been having dehydration and attrition are going to place a big roll. Keeping hydrated and conserving is going to be the key to winning in '08.

Thanks Chuck, and for more information on Roubaix's of the past and present check out our Boulder Roubaix page

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