Suspended Rider returns to the Peloton but can we move on & Doping Panel Discussion

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This week we come full circle in the impact of doping in our own local community, as of November 24, Chuck Coyle is a free man and can race again, this after having served a 2 year sanction by USADA. Chuck was one of the first of few who have so far been busted by the the famous list of Joe Papp. The last suspended rider to return to the peleton, Todd Roberson so far has not been welcomed very well given some of the comments from fellow riders. Once someone is suspend for such an act are they branded for life or can the cycling community find ways to move on?

Some say that say that it’s the silence of the riders that prevents them from moving on. Some won’t talk but Chuck did share a few words with us

Chuck racing Sunday

I am really excited to get back out and race again. I wouldn't wish the situation I was in on anyone but it ended up being a blessing in disguise. It helped put a lot of things into perspective for me, remind me of what is important and who my true friends are. There are many who once finished racing professionally stop racing all together. That is not me, I love the competition and pushing myself. I don’t ride 1/4 of what I once did but still love competing....I'm just further back in the pack now.

See you at the races!

Before you scroll down to the ‘Add Comment’ link lets stop to think about all that has happened in the last 2 years in cycling, for starters the Lance Armstrong and the world around him has come crashing down, a Grand Fondo guy gets nailed for doping and USADA is coming to Colorado. Progress to clean up our sport is moving forward but dopers in the amateur fields in Colorado still exist according to a very good source of mine but does writing done of hateful comments clean up the sport or threatening to “push him into a ditch make you better”? I say, let’s look forward to clean up the sport, welcome USADA to Colorado races and events and support those teams, organization and promoters who do what they can to ensure that we have a healthy growing sport for the future.

Come to the Panel Discussion on Doping Wednesday

Come to Retul in Boulder or Listen to it live where George Thomas of Over the Top Radio leads a panel discussion with a select set of panelist and from the audience on the topic

Location: Retul
5445 Conestoga Court #100

Time 6:30 pm

Panelist include

Timmy Duggan: Reigning US Pro Road Champion, 2012 Olympic Team 2012 World's Team currently racing with Team Saxo-Tinkoff

Michael Aisner: Director Red Zinger Classic, Announcer, Promoter. Influential in the sport since the early 80s and, in my opinion, a perfect voice for where cycling has been, where it is now and where it's going.

Ruthie Matthes: National Champion in multiple road and mountain events, World Champion MTB, Olympic Team member. Ruthie offers a unique perspective on this topic as someone who built her sport and saw changes as it grew.

Shawn Heidgen: Shawn raced professionally and stayed clean at the height of the EPO years. Amazing stories. She works for Training Peaks and analyzes TdF power data from selected racers.

Don Powell: Don is owner and president of Panache Cyclewear. He cut his legs in the gutters of Belgium, racing several seasons as a professional rider before finishing his career riding in the US for Saab.

If you cannot attend feel free to listen live and send your questions/comments to or on Over the Top Radio's Facebook Page

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inherently suspicious guy...

Really? As someone who likely races alongside you at/near the pointy end and who is on a club that's probably slightly bigger than your "tiny club", I think it's fair to say we are all just a bunch of amateur hacks, having fun doing something that's far more enjoyable than the dreaded 4 letter word "work". To suggest that "elite coaches and member/sponsors who can write prescriptions" would risk their reputation on a bunch of people racing for fun seems dumb. I'm guessing that they, like you and I, have some degree of integrity as well. This is the Boulder area, so it's not like you're not going to find people associated with the industry racing and sponsoring teams - it makes sense. To neglect the fact that those same people may simply enjoy racing and riding and themselves also seems dumb. Your comment sounds the same as being suspicious of the person who beats you simply because he won and you didn't. The fact that there have been a few individuals caught does trouble me... it's not cool on any level at all... but I wouldn't race if I didn't think I had a fair shot at competing and possibly winning, and I think I can say that I have a fair shot if I train consistently, eat healthy and come mentally prepared to race. We all have different talent levels, and some of the people we race against are certainly far more talented than I am, and perhaps you as well. Some of us get by on maybe 6hrs a week and some can pull off 15hrs. From my vantage point, what seems to win races most of the time is a team of good riders committed to the team's tactics - when you compare that to a "tiny club"... it is a challenge, but man, we're still all just a bunch of amateurs and I don't think it's productive to sling inherent suspicious around based on what you've said here.

I'm all for letting the

I'm all for letting the dopers back in with a fresh start when the following has been completed:

All titles / wins stripped
All prize money earned returned
All money earned from endorsements returned
All items gained through sponserships such as bikes, components, clothing, etc., paid back to the sponser at full retail value
Any travel expenses and monies paid to the rider returned

I want them to lose everything they gained by cheating other riders. Then, and only then, would I welcome a doper back to the peloton. Has Coyle giving everthing back? Doubtfull. Until that happens I would piss on him if he was on fire.

If anyone has taken the time

If anyone has taken the time to get to know Chuck (while serving his suspension) I would wager that the comments thus far would have a different flavor. I met him (as did many of my friends) through cycling and have found him to be just the type of person I want to be affiliated with and friends with both on and off the bike. If people do not know the complete story of what happened without speaking to the man himself may I state that the sarcastic comments are without merit.

Kris - you seem to have a

Kris - you seem to have a weird infatuation with Todd. Great blog but given you can't seem to get Todd out of your head, I hope you don't have some dark closet with candles burning and photos of Todd pasted all over the place.

Welcome back Chuck, Todd and anyone else for that matter that may get caught and come back post suspension.

What is it with you people

What is it with you people and all this welcome back crap? Todd Robertson is a lying cheating idiot. Chuck Coyle is certainly not an ambassador to the sport of cycling in my mind. He cheated the sport, his fellow racers, spectators, sponsors and everyone else. They are both like a bad penny that just won't go away.

As a racer and a cyclist, I am not too keen on being involved in a sport, or a race, that these two participate in once again. If I have to, I will race with them but I will hate every minute of it! And, I will never respect them. Think I will stick to MTB racing in 2013.

Losers in the game of life, both of them.