Christopher Loven sentenced to 200 hours of community service and $1000

From Daily Camera

As Sharon Howrey stood before a packed courtroom at Thursday's sentencing of Christopher Loven -- the driver convicted of striking and killing her husband, Eugene, while he rode his bicycle through Lefthand Canyon -- she handed Loven a magnet that read, "To err is human."

The two then shared a hug.

"I hope it can be the start of accepting responsibility, of forgiving yourself and moving on," she told him.

Both families now will begin that process of moving on after a Boulder County judge sentenced Loven to 120 days of electronic home monitoring nearly two years after he struck and killed 73-year-old Eugene "Phil" Howrey in Lefthand Canyon.

Loven, 47, was convicted in March of careless driving resulting in death

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No need to go to Lee Hill. I

No need to go to Lee Hill. I ran into Loven grabbing a Quiznos and headed out in his power earth truck. I couldn't believe it but the guy literally pulled right through the stop sign on Conestoga with a big trailer without stopping and right into the bike lane on Arapaho, where I have seen other bike accidents (I work right there).

Documented for posterity. I wish I had taken a video.,zEwzqgl#1,zEwzqgl#0