Chris McGee from ACA talks about the ACA Timing System

Many thanks to George Thomas of Over the Top Radio to take the time and talk with Chris McGee about the recent issues related to timing system challenges that took place at the Morgul Bismark race

In this interview Chris talks about the following
- current issues with timing
- ACA's relationship with registration
- ACA's relationship with the Timing company
- ACA's next steps to handle the existing issues
- Chris McGee encourages readers to contact ACA and your club leaders with your complaints! (and we agree)

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Typical of ACA

Listening to this interview, it strikes me that Chris states that ACA shouldn't be held responsible for the results yet they are mandating the use of a particular timing system that they own. If you don't want to be responsibile for results, you can't mandate the use of a timing system that is difficult to use in the field. Let the race directors choose the scoring method.

Not every race is required to use the timing system

I maybe wrong on this but aren't only the elite and mid-tier races required to use the timing system? That means the promotor CHOOSE to use the timing system. If haters REALLY hate then they won't care about BAR/BAT points and the promotor and not choose to be a gold level event but go bronze or lead instead and roll everything they way they want it to be. Wednesday crit series doesn't use the timing system.