Cherry Creek Time Trial Series registration opens Today!

UPDATE: Registration opens 7pm MST today for Cherry Creek Time Trail

UPDATE March 1st 2pm

KHMTT: I am very sorry about the registration fiasco today. The website was simply overwhelmed. In the interest of fairness we have decided to postpone registration until Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at 7pm. In this time, the registration servers will be moved to handle the required volume.

Thank you very much for your patience & understanding.
If you have questions, please all me at 303-458-5538.
Thanks, Chris

Chris McGee
Executive Director
American Cycling Association

What you will need to know to register

1. The registration process requires an annual ACA license.
2. In registration, you must also provide d.o.b, emergency contact, phone number, email, and address.
3. Once you start the registration process, you will have 7 minutes to complete and check out.
4. You can register someone other than yourself. On the first screen of the registration, choose "I am registering someone else."
5. All participants over the age of 18 must have a valid email address.
6. Please feel free to contact for account support at or 888.557.4020
7. If you hesitate you might miss the opportunity to compete

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KHMTT Reg. Fiasco

Last year this garbage happened. It seems that a website that handles registration would get an idea about the popularity of a race before agreeing to deal with an event. I mean it ain't rocket surgery. What would Amazon or eBay do if more than 500 people logged on at once? Whoa!
We should go back to mailing in race registration forms and waiting for a start list. it was less stress and fewer hours lost refreshing the browser whilst I'm supposed to be working.
Redongculous!limiss G down again...

One day before the re-reg day, and the site is down again. Can't get on to check out or register for any race.
Might be time for ACA to go to a back-up plan and use a established registration site. Might cost more, but reliability would be worth it.

It is down as they are in the process of upgrading.
Their site has been nothing but good for every event I've used it for. They are growing rapidly because of their great people and product.

Please be patient as they make their product the best it can be.
If you have any issues or hiccups along the way, just shoot them a note.

It's really helpful to receive constructive critism.