Cherry Creek Time Trial Series registration opens Today!

UPDATE: Registration opens 7pm MST today for Cherry Creek Time Trail

UPDATE March 1st 2pm

KHMTT: I am very sorry about the registration fiasco today. The website was simply overwhelmed. In the interest of fairness we have decided to postpone registration until Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at 7pm. In this time, the registration servers will be moved to handle the required volume.

Thank you very much for your patience & understanding.
If you have questions, please all me at 303-458-5538.
Thanks, Chris

Chris McGee
Executive Director
American Cycling Association

What you will need to know to register

1. The registration process requires an annual ACA license.
2. In registration, you must also provide d.o.b, emergency contact, phone number, email, and address.
3. Once you start the registration process, you will have 7 minutes to complete and check out.
4. You can register someone other than yourself. On the first screen of the registration, choose "I am registering someone else."
5. All participants over the age of 18 must have a valid email address.
6. Please feel free to contact for account support at or 888.557.4020
7. If you hesitate you might miss the opportunity to compete

Remembering who Karen Hornbostel was

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KHMTT Registration Tonight

Well there has been alot of chatter about Pre-Race making changes to their system but will it be enough. The time trail is limited to a few hundred people but how many people really want to do it? 500? I will have to admit it is a complex problem with a limited number of spots and also picking a starting time. Do they allow you to pick a starting time?

I guess we will find out tonight at 7pm whether they did enough.

This is their business

Does that matter? This is the business they are in. They should be able to handle it. I think its funny that on their official statement regarding the first attempt they say, "to great expense to our company" they are switching to cloud servers. Who cares how much it costs them or what the logistics are? That's what they get paid for to figure out. All we want to do is race. ACA, If they can't handle it, use a different company. It's not personal, just business. Signup Not Secure., page is not secure, so your name, password, birth date and address are sent together and are open to the public.
Hold off on using them until they get a Encryption Certificate or send false info.

The main idea of HTTPS is to create a secure channel over an insecure network. This ensures reasonable protection from eavesdroppers and man-in-the-middle attacks, provided that adequate cipher suites are used and that the server certificate is verified and trusted.

The trust inherent in HTTPS is based on major certificate authorities that come pre-installed in browser software (this is equivalent to saying "I trust certificate authority (e.g. VeriSign/Microsoft/etc.) to tell me whom I should trust"). Therefore an HTTPS connection to a website can be trusted if and only if all of the following are true:

Public Information

That information you list is public information. Now if they were passing your SS# or credit card information in the clear I would be very concerned.

I do always check for a HTTPS connection if financial info is being given.


Although that information is generally public we do not want to contribute to the public db. We will wrap the whole registration process from the click of the registration button in the SSL certificate and make it secure. We want to make sure everyone feels comfortable using the site.

Thanks for point that out.

do the math

KHMTT: 1000+/- people vying for 400 spots... 2.5 to one

Leadville: 15000+/- people vying for roughly 800 spots... 18.75 to one

here's a hint: don't make it first come, first served. Take a tip from Leadville (and other very popular events) open enrollment, with selections via random selection.

C'mon, it's not like this is their first rodeo.