Women's Wednesday - Training 101: Novice Style

Author: Cheri Felix

So if you’re like me you don’t have someone who follows you on a scooter carrying your nutrition. Nor do you have a coach or anyone who checks your oxygen levels. And I’m bettin’ that you don’t use words like “recovery days” and repeats and intervals. Most of us just ride our bike and wouldn’t call it training. We’re just doing what we love.

But I’ll be honest I wouldn’t mind having a coach and having someone follow me on a scooter with my fav sandwich and a can of Upslope. But truth be told I’d rather have someone come do my dishes, laundry and make my family dinner. That’s not to say I don’t see the value in stepping up the routine. Especially if you want to get faster or better or if you want to race which pretty much sums me up. Honestly my favorite thing is going downhill super fast (my idea of fast) and smiling all the way. But every once in awhile even I have to get out and do “repeats” and intervals” and hills.

Note: You should ask your doctor, your spouse, your clergy person or your therapist before taking any advice from me.

So, you don’t need a coach or a scooter to get stronger but you do need some self discipline. Go out to your favorite open space trail or stretch of lonely canyon (think four mile) or a steep dirt road like Poorman. Try to hit it when it’s not rush hour. I’ve noticed that hikers are not fond of mountain bikers racing back and forth by them. Pick a challenging stretch. Something that you normally don’t look forward to. That’s a good hint that it’s just right. Make a deal with yourself. Ask yourself what would make it worth your time. Doing it 5 times? 10 times? 12? And then when you’ve done your magic number do two more. Because really most of us can go harder, longer and faster. At least for a few minutes. Right?

I’m no sports scientist and I think we’ve already established that I am Average Annie but even I want to get stronger. I’m not getting any younger but I saw Rocky. I know dreams can come true.
Okay here’s a song to download and listen to when you are doing your thing, ‘Good Feeling’ by Flo Rida. After you get done if it’s morning go directly to your favorite coffee shop and get some coffee. If it’s evening, top it off with a local yummy beer.

See you out there!

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