Casey Middle School students ride Fruita

Sponsored jointly by Casey Middle School, Inner City Outings and Trips for Kids
The best thing about mountain biking is that it offers myriad opportunities for victory in each ride. Every time a kid gets over a rock or a root or a steep hill he/she has something to feel good about. For some of my students (about 2/3 of the club is in Special Ed. and a lot of them don't have a great self-image) the self-esteem building was astronomical. One student has decided to take on an internship at Community Cycles and he wants to start racing. I took him a donated bike and shoes with cleats and have been getting text messages from him every 10 minutes ever since. He's a kid who has a rough time at school and has already started getting in trouble outside of school. He just bloomed on the trip, though. He was glowing with pride when he got up hills or learned a new skill. In the car I'd told him about how when your muscles hurt it means they're getting stronger because tiny little muscle tears are required to build new tissue. You never really know what kids are listening to you know? But after he'd made it up a particularly grueling hill, he said to me "Miss, I just kept thinking about what you said -- how when it hurts you're getting stronger." Hot damn. His buddy (they're the two boys in the matching green shirts) told me this was the first time he's been out of the city.

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