Friday Fun - Time to start a utility bike revolution in Colorado

The hardest part about being a bike commuter is logistics of stuff. Everyday I carry my computer, lunch, cycling cloths for my lunch ride, work cloths and misc stuff and it adds up quickly! For me I use a CETMA Rack which helps me transport my stuff.

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Cargo bike revolution

We live in Arvada and I work in Golden while my wife works in Westminster. We both have cargo bikes (a Kona Ute and an Xtracycle) and we both commute and use them for other utility purposes.

I just had someone give me a Schwinn mountain bike and I want to put a FreeRadical on it and give it away or sell it for a minimal cost just to get another cargo bike on the roads here in Arvada.

With my Xtracycle I never have a problem getting my clothes and lunch to and from work. I always have my tools and repair stuff and never sweat the weight or bulkiness of all of those things. I also haul my four year old 8 miles to the babysitter three days a week.

The Xtracycle goes where bikes go, rides like a bike and gives my bike a back seat and a trunk. I no longer need a car and have no intention of ever going back to using one as my primary mode of transportation.