Candelas race Postponed

From ACA

Candelas Race Postponed - Snowstorm Coming - Get Your Weekend Racing at the Fed Center or USAF!

Fri, 2012-04-13
Based on input from our race director, volunteers, officials and staff, the Candelas Race scheduled for Sunday, April 15 has been postponed indefinitely due to the forecasted snow/rain/wind storm. We are working to reschedule the event. Pre-registered riders be refunded 100% of entry fees electronically within the next two business day.

The forecasted snowstorm sounds very likely, and we do not want to wait until 6 am on raceday to make a decision. With this announcement, our athletes can better plan the weekend, and make the most of the Federal Center Circuit Race or the USAF Front Range Classic.

And yes, in Belgium, those pros would probably still race on Sunday. Flights to Belgium are still available on most major airlines - but please check with the Belgian Cycling Federation about entry to those events before making your travel plans.

Also from a the ACA

Thanks to the ACA,race promoter, and officials for not waiting until the
last minute to postpone the Candelas race. Since I had pre-registered I
probably would have traveled out there only to find a last minute
cancellation. Now everyone can plan accordingly. Good organization on your part.

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Thank you for making an early

Thank you for making an early decision! There are many of us that will race no matter what the conditions and will hold out hope until the last moment to make ourselves miserable for no reason whatsoever. Thanks for being the voice of reason.

Looks like I'll be hitting the trainer and enjoying a movie with the family.

Have a great weekend!

What's my point??

Well duh! the really bad weather prediction on friday, turned into a reasonably decent prediction on Saturday!
I wasn't in the area so i don't know how it ended up being, but i am pretty sure there were no blizzards.

My point is, we probably could have raced with no real problems.