Cameron Dye of Boulder named Triathlete of the Year

From the Daily Camera

His shockingly white-blonde hair, now a mass of long spiral curls, has been poking out from under either a swim cap or bike helmet since he was a 15-year-old Fairview High student competing in, and winning, his age group for his first triathlon, the Boulder Peak Triathlon.

Now, at 28, Dye is back in Boulder for good, returning to his hometown to train and live as a professional triathlete with his wife Natalie and young son Liam. Last year, Dye won six races, a triathlon feat almost unheard of -- and an even harder one to repeat, Dye said. For his six-win in the 2012 season, Dye was named the 2012 Non-Olympic/ITU Triathlete of the Year by USA Triathlon.

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