Trail Cameras Installed at Apex Park


Dear fellow Mountain Bikers,

It has recently come to COMBA's attention that several motion sensor activated cameras have been installed on Apex Open Space park. As stated in the official response from Jefferson County Open Space (noted below), these are being used to monitor the effectiveness of the new park management plan and not for law enforcement. Please respect the right of JeffCo to place monitoring equipment on their property and conduct yourself in a respectable manner when passing them. Also, please respect the current park management plan and JeffCo rules and regulations for the park.

Together as a community we can work for favorable change.

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This is very interesting. I wonder what the cost of motion sensing cameras was? Why do they need cameras "to monitor the effectiveness of the park management plan". I am really curious as to what happened at Apex to invest in cameras.

what happened at Apex

...mostly user conflicts. Apex is an easy place for the DH'ers to shuttle, it's convenient for quite a few users and has many blind corners. I'm not trying to point fingers at any one usergroup.

What JCOS did was propose alternate day usage (ie Betasso) and they're in the process of creating alternate (directional) trails to reduce traffic at the bottlenecks.

I don't ride there but I've heard that what's been implemented is working well.

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