Buffalo Classic helps with CU scholarships

From the Daily Camera

When University of Colorado grad Marta Kostelny received a letter saying she'd been awarded a scholarship by the Buffalo Bicycle Classic, she was surprised since she hadn't applied for one.

"When I got it, I questioned, did this go to the right person?" she asked.

As a student paying her way through work and loans, the scholarship -- one of 102 awarded to arts and sciences students in need with good grades -- was very helpful, she said.

"It helped me with school, because it took some of that stress off my mind so I could focus on my studies," Kostelny said. She graduated in 2007 with a business degree.

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Lame response

What a lame response. When will CU stop treating the CU cycling team like it is checkers team? Time to give cycling in Boulder some credit. But then again I think its time the CU cycling team start thinking bigger and not just like a club racing team.

Lame Response ?

Once upon a time CU had a powerhouse National caliber road racing team. Those days are gone. Aspiring student/cycling athletes have many choices nowadays when it comes to choosing a College/University with a strong cycling program.

The question you should be asking is when is the CU Cycling Team going to stop looking at themselves as a "checkers team" ? With over 100 + members , CU Cycling has no presence in the community aside from the occasional stray racer at the local races.

Why CU cycling sucks

The reason that CU cycling sucks is because collegiate cycling in general sucks. What incentive does a cyclist who knows that they will go pro by 19 or 20 have to go spend their own money to race in a program that wont even get them noticed in the cycling community? Just as an example, how many people know who won this years U23 national road race championships versus this years collegiate national championships? Since cycling is not a NCAA sport, it is a joke. As a student, you cant even get an exemption to get out of classes and tests for national championships. Until collegiate cycling becomes a serious sport, there is no draw for the nations best cyclists to participate.