Buffalo Bicycle Classic Canceled!

From www.buffalobicycleclassic.com/

In cooperation with Boulder County and the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, the organizers of the Buffalo Bicycle Classic have agreed not to hold the annual fund-raising event on Sept. 12, 2010.

Both the county and the BBC are concerned about the ride’s potential to impede emergency crews who are stationed near or accessing the fire from several points along the Buffalo Bicycle Classic route: Firefighting crews are encamped at Boulder Reservoir, and they gain access to the fire from U.S. Highway 36.

Additionally, the BBC is concerned about already-overtaxed law-enforcement personnel who would be asked to monitor the ride, and it is concerned about the air quality for the riders.

The Buffalo Bicycle Classic will inform registered riders by email today that the ride will not occur on Sunday. The BBC committee will meet this weekend to discuss next steps, and it will have more detailed and specific answers to riders’ questions early next week. Check this page next week for answers to your questions!

Because the ride generates so much needed scholarship support for good students in the University of Colorado College of Arts and Sciences, the BBC’s organizers worked diligently to find a way to hold the event without impinging upon the critical work of firefighters. Having found no such solution, the BBC has canceled Sunday’s ride.

The BBC sincerely regrets the inconvenience and deeply appreciates the community’s longstanding support.

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