Road Rager harasses cyclists on Broadway in Boulder

According to a reader the driver of the truck below was seen harrassing cyclists on Broadway, honking, yelling slowing down and driving next to them. It all started near the intersection of Alpine and Broadway and as he traveled north harassed any cyclists in his path until the stopped in North Boulder for gas. Picture of the truck can be seen below (Texas plates). The reader also snapped a photo of the driver (not sure if we can post that) but he looks to be a male in his 40's

Sorry, had to blur the plates but if the authorities would like the original we have it.

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I agree with the poster above. While this guy has no excuse for what he did, and should receive a ticket, folks should try to use existing routes as much as possible. I know we have the right to ride on all roads, but there are so many good routes out of Boulder, that to not use one is just downright lazy. I see people, usually students, riding down the middle of 28th st. during rush hour! There are two bike lanes within two blocks (Folsom, 30th) that go the same direction and are much more enjoyable to use. I feel that we should limit conflict as much as possible, especially when it is so easy to do.

Even in a city like Boulder,

Even in a city like Boulder, bike lanes can't get you everywhere you could possibly need to go. Maybe some of those people you see riding on Broadway have a destination in the area.

Denver is also well connected but I am forced to ride a few miles of unpleasent roads on each end of my commute.

Really? Broadway has

Really? Broadway has intermittent bike lanes. If you head North from Alpine you run into them. It happens all the time in boulder that a street will have a full bike lane that ends. We are ALLOWED to ride here. There are, in fact, very few streets where bikes are prohibited. While there are places that are rather hazardous with no lanes and no shoulder such as 28th, there's still no excuse for deliberate harassment. There are idiot cyclists and idiot drivers, both of which frustrate me, but verbal abuse or reckless endangerment with a vehicle doesn't help anyone.

Why ride Broadway?

Agreed, this guys behavior is offensive. However, why do cyclists continue to put themselves in dangerous situations? The bike lane on Broadway starts north of Iris. From Alpine to Iris is an incredibly dangerous place to ride on a road with no shoulder, not to mention you're impeding traffic. We have an amazing infrastructure to get to north Boulder that includes bike lanes, bike paths and very quiet side streets. Please encourage cyclists to use them so we aren't giving angry motorists an excuse (in their mind) to harass us.