Road Rager harasses cyclists on Broadway in Boulder

According to a reader the driver of the truck below was seen harrassing cyclists on Broadway, honking, yelling slowing down and driving next to them. It all started near the intersection of Alpine and Broadway and as he traveled north harassed any cyclists in his path until the stopped in North Boulder for gas. Picture of the truck can be seen below (Texas plates). The reader also snapped a photo of the driver (not sure if we can post that) but he looks to be a male in his 40's

Sorry, had to blur the plates but if the authorities would like the original we have it.

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I don't understand one thing.

I don't understand one thing. Looks like the truck is parked. Is that right? Why don't the cycling crowd go where ever this guy is and confront him? If you are sitting around waiting for the cops to "do justice", I have a feeling that someone is going to get injured long before that.

Video tape the guy next time, follow him to his hideout and confront him (politely) and bring a 3-foot rule pamphlet. If he is still unreasonable outside his cage of metal and glass, then go to his wife/employer/etc, and up the ante. Let him be the one to call the cops on you.

This "immunity" that some drivers feel they have behind their wheel has to be breached. Else, we are all going to wind up as asphalt markings.

Start by saying, "Sir, I see you are a human - not a truck - and I, too, am also a human, not a bicycle. Might I have a word?" (You can call me naive, but trust me, this works about 3/4 the time. The other 1/4, you'll have to dodge bullets, but I'd rather dodge a bullet than a truck.