Road Rager harasses cyclists on Broadway in Boulder

According to a reader the driver of the truck below was seen harrassing cyclists on Broadway, honking, yelling slowing down and driving next to them. It all started near the intersection of Alpine and Broadway and as he traveled north harassed any cyclists in his path until the stopped in North Boulder for gas. Picture of the truck can be seen below (Texas plates). The reader also snapped a photo of the driver (not sure if we can post that) but he looks to be a male in his 40's

Sorry, had to blur the plates but if the authorities would like the original we have it.

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Red Line Roads To Prevent Unwise Bike Usage

Finding a safe route that doesn't interfere with traffic is often a challenge. I think that the city, to eliminate bike traffic on unsafe roads and subsequent conflicts and interference with car traffic, should create a system with a painted red line on the shoulder of unacceptable bike routes and a small graphic (a bike with an arrow) directing riders to the suggested route.
Here's a quick rendering;

I've taken 26th and the path

I've taken 26th and the path many times also. I find the path to generally be slower because I have to ...
a) ride over to it from some street
b) many dogs, people, kids so my instantaneous speed is at least 1/2
c) Red Lights are only slower if ...well if they are actually red. Hey, do you still call a stop light a Red Light if it is green?

Plus, part of this thread was about "ticking off" others and that is what you do if you go fast on the paths.