Breck Epic might lose Pro Racers due to UCI rule

And this from Breck Epic's Facebook page

Rumors confirmed by anonymous USAC official - any pro with a Union Cycliste Internationale trade team affiliation will be fined by USAC for riding in a non-USA Cycling sanctioned event. Seems like those two groups are far more interested in looking after their own interests than looking after the best interests of the sport. That's a transparently sleazy policy, UCI and matter how you choose to spin it.

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Time for USAC/UCI to go away

I didn't even know that USAC had a Pro league anymore. They ran what was left of NORBA into the ground and all the good races went independent.
Breck-Epic/RME - Keep far away from USAC or you will loose the other 95%+ of the riders that just want to race an Epic course!

USAC/UCI - Look after keeping and growing the sport, not shutting it down. The NRC schedule is falling apart this year due to races leaving. Repairing that should be your main priority not trying to screw over Pro racers. First step - Fire Steve Johnson.

# of UCI trade teams in US?

Though the rule is seems unreasonable, what really is the impact?

In 2012 there were three US MTB teams that were UCI trade teams as far as I know. Subaru/Trek, Specialized and Luna.

So what is the real impact? This means 2 or 5 or 10 or 30 people are ruled out of the race? I think the number is quite small, a handful maybe, probably around 5?

The rule itself is unreasonable as it shows the "governing" bodies are out of step with the sport they are supposed to be governing. FWIW, USAC is not a government institution but a non-profit organization that gets a government grant. In one respect USAC and UCI are more like unions that must be joined to participate in their parties much like it used to be a must to be part of the United Auto Makers Union if you worked for an automobile manufacturer.

USAC funding

Actually, USACs largest non-membership/race revenue source is from the US Olympic Committee. The USOC does NOT get any government funding in the US. Largest source of bucks for USAC is the poor slacker racers. Best part is there is NO say for these poor saps in how the money gets spent.

From the 2011 USAC fiscal information

Membership dues/fees ~$4.8M
Sanction & Entry fees ~$3.2M
USOC Grants ~$1.04M
Sponsorship ~$0.9M
USA Cycling Development fund ~$0.65M

USOC funding sources: