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Who are those people racing in Colorado? Now we have a better picture, does it explain more of why the category system is the way it is?

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Boy, if I wasn't 29, with a $25K/year income, and a high school education, I could really get out there and RACE! Instead I've got an $800 steel commuter bike that saves me $2000 a year on auto-motive vehicle expenses and can get me from north Denver to anywhere on the front range in a hurry (mountains and climbing, no exception). I haven't entered a single race yet, but I sure cruise past a lot of race-ready looking folks with Pinarellos, Madones, etc., rockin' those Zipps and full top-end Campy gruppos. I'm just quietly keeping my own pace, getting from point A to point B.

Point being, quit griping about who is what. Money can't buy freedom, or even fun for that matter. Just get out there and do it - and have that fun. As a side note please "get out there and do it" without riding 3-abreast for miles on the bike paths and road shoulders. You might be practicing or whatever, but some of us need to get to work or complete our daily errands in a timely fashion.

Keep it in perspective...