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Who are those people racing in Colorado? Now we have a better picture, does it explain more of why the category system is the way it is?

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It's realist only in that it

It's realist only in that it the reality is that educated, affluent people tend to make up the majority of bike racers.

But the implicit idea that this correlates with bike racing by reflecting some sort of "higher ideals", which seems almost Randian, is total rubbish, that the "cream" of society gravitates to bike racing? What kind of psychological masturbatory exercise is that?

Let me know when you figure that out Dr. Strangelove.

Aside from you, who said

Aside from you, who said anything about higher ideals? The earlier post was merely stating some widely held beliefs, that smarter people who also work hard do better in life (typically). As to them gravitating to cycling?? That's a bit of a stretch.

The OP didn't explicit state

The OP didn't explicit state higher ideals, but let me see:

"seems like they are smarter, driven, motivated and competitive, hence they complete [sic]"

I'm not sure what you see, but that's pretty value laden language right there. Yes, it's a widely held belief, but it's a belief that's value based, even without touching on whether or not it's even true.

And then:

"They [who else is meant besides bike racers/BRAC members?] are the achievers of the world, not the slackers."

Yeah, no value or judgement inherent there. You totally got my ass.

I should clarify that I meant "higher values" only in a hierarchical sense, relative to others, but please persuade me.

Real shame about that 25-34

Real shame about that 25-34 demographic (not to mention the unmentioned 22-24's). You'd hope it would be a much bigger chunk.

Anyway, kudos to all the <35 who do compete. We, the older, college educated and [supposedly] affluent majority should be doing way more to help. A wise man once wrote: "Support is contagious. Give yours to someone else."

it's too bad there's no

it's too bad there's no historical data for trending. when I started racing ~2000 it seemed like most everyone was in their 20s. It's always seemed like there was this big influx of new racers during that time period and things have remained somewhat stagnant since then. ie, we are just an aging core population