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Who are those people racing in Colorado? Now we have a better picture, does it explain more of why the category system is the way it is?

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Not to belabor this, but I'm

Not to belabor this, but I'm baffled that Racer Z and at least 2 others think that the demographics are incorrect because people are lying about them? You're saying that multiple BRAC members sat down, consciously thought "man, I'd better come out looking good on this" and ticked off the top end boxes?

I guess I can't figure out what the motivation is for someone to do that. It's not like they're even getting any ego stroke, since the data is taken in aggregate.

Further, these numbers reflect the data put out by USAC over the past decade or so: bike racers are generally well educated, middle aged men (BRAC didn't really break it down across men and women, might be interesting) at the height of their earning power. Hell, the median income for Boulder County is nearly $90K.


That is a really dumb thing to say. This is a voluntary sport, you choose to do it. If you had to have a PhD and $150K to enter a race, then yes, that would be elitist. Just because most of the people who do choose to race bikes have a college degree or higher, doesn't make anything elitist.

The "elitist" perception

The "elitist" perception likely comes from the expense to get your foot in the door WRT bike racing. Think about how many Cat 4s, much less how many Juniors, are out there rocking top-end carbon bikes shod with Zipps. There's a reason behind the recent saying "cycling is the new golf", whether it's justified or not.

At the risk of playing devil

At the risk of playing devil's advocate, but the counterpoint to the idea of "choosing" cycling is that not everyone has that choice. Whether it's an issue of time, money, or opportunity, it's probably fair to say that not everyone who might like racing bikes gets a chance to do so. I don't think it's actively exclusionary like maybe polo(?) but still.