Boy hit by car on bike on his way to school

This found in the dailycamera this morning on how a boy was hit by a car on his bike as he rode to school. Check out the comments for some sad humor. This helps emphasis the need for more Safe Routes to Schools programs like the one Boulder has and the need to make sure your child wears their helmet!

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Boulder police are looking for a driver accused of hitting a 9-year-old boy who was on his bike on his way to school this morning and leaving the scene.

The fourth-grade student at Whittier International Elementary, 2008 Pine St., told police that he was hit by a car about 8:20 a.m. on 19th Street, between Walnut and Pearl streets.

The boy told officers that he was riding his bike on a sidewalk, and a young female – who was driving a dark green sedan – hit him while she was pulling out of an alley, according to police spokeswoman Sarah Huntley.

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Of course, you disregard the

Of course, you disregard the fact that this happened while a cyclist was riding on a sidewalk, which is the most dangerous place to operate a bicycle. You ignore the fact that having a front flashing lite is a great way to help prevent cars from puling out in front of you. Yes, you ignore these common sense, practical things, and you make a comment about helmets.
How in the hell will a helmet stop a car from hitting you???

Yes I did

I did leave out the fact they were on the sidewalk. I posted in the past on 303 the dangers of sidewalk riding. I also left out the fact that this school does have decent safe route to get to it so there wasn't much of a reason to ride on the sidewalk and I did leave out the fact (but a daily camera reader did not) that this child was riding alone... studies have shown that kids under 5th grade cannot make safe decisions when walking alone like crossing a street and judging a cars speed. I did mention the helmet because knowing that many make questionable choices at least protect them in the case when they do... isn't that what auto safety is all about, ie seat beats, air bags, etc.? Knowing that accidents happen so be prepared.

Easy there Randy

Whoa there Randy. Those are all very good points: dangers of riding on a sidewalk, and safety with bike lights, helmets. It's very obvious you are frustrated with poor cycling etiquette.

303cycing did not post a "one-sided" story here. The point was not to say that drivers are jerks and cyclists are victims. So let's refrain from taking up sides and starting a driver vs cyclist battle through anonymous posts on the internet. So far I haven't seen those online battles make anyone feel better or safer.

The story was not about who was at fault(careless driver or kid not following the rules on his bike). The story was that someone driving a car (presumably an adult) hit a kid, apparenlty realized it, and drove off. Regardless of whether or not the kid needs to be reminded of safe biking rules/habits, it's not cool to hit a kid and leave.

I was being easy

First. Yelling would be indicated BY ALL CAPS. Also a good indicator of frustrations is ending all of your sentences in with a ! I did none of that!!
The point I was making, was that if you are going to go to the trouble to make a point about safety, make one that will really work, and can really prevent an accident.
Side note, I find it interesting there was no-mention of whether or no the kid was wearing a helmet. I would venture to say he wasn't, and that was why there was no mention of it. Other wise they would have made a point to say how the Helmet saved his life. Just an assumption.
((No caps or exclamation points were harmed in the writing of this comment))

Interesting comments by all,

Interesting comments by all, but let's not forget the most important one, the boy did nothing wrong and he is the innocent victim.

Neither helmet, light, nor rotating lighthouse light will prevent a careless driver in a hurry from pulling out in front of you.