Electric Bike Counter Display coming to Boulder

From the Daily Camera

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One like this will be running in
Boulder on 13th street.
Boulder transportation officials plan to unveil an electronic bike tracker next month that will count and show the number of cyclists who pass through the 13th Street corridor downtown.

The Eco-Totem looks like a large thermometer, with the cumulative year-to-date cyclist count adding up from the bottom. The yearly count starts at 0 and ends with 500,000 rides at the top.

The number of cyclists who have passed by that day is recorded digitally under the words "Cyclists Today."

The bike counter has been there for quite a long time, just never physically, only on the internet here

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Really, as in Really?

Are you really so stupid as you don't get that they aren't counting the number of cyclists to keep YOU informed? The more accurate the numbers, the more they (you know, "they") can support more $$ to support bicycling initiatives, particularly with regard to bike commuters.

You're an interesting guy

You're an interesting guy "Randy". Always being troll on internet forums, gotta love it. I don't really care who they are "informing" with this board. I don't believe it is a good use of tax dollars if that is actually what is funding this. Bike commuting is great if people WANT to do it. But the City of Boulder social engineering of making it more difficult to drive a car and park it in the city in an attempt to force people to bicycle or use a bus is wrong. Providing additional modes of transportation is great but at the expense of people who choose not to use them is not okay in my eyes. Taking an older resident's tax dollars to make it more difficult for her to drive and park in this city is not okay. That older resident is never going to be riding their bicycle down Folsom to get to Pear and downtown.

You're right about one thing-

You're right about one thing--it's one thing to make it easier to ride, but a whole other if they are deliberately making it difficult to drive. I agree that would be wrong. I guess the real question is, are they actually trying to make it difficult to drive, or is it just an unplanned consequence of their pro-biking actions?

If it's deliberate, vote 'em out. If it's not, get involved in the process and make sure they at least consider how the "improvements" impact drivers, particularly the elderly or those with handicaps.

Direct quote below from the

Direct quote below from the TMP (Transportation Master Plan) for the City of Boulder. If you live in Boulder you are paying a increased sales tax as well as an increased cost to all new developments after 2003 to support the implementation of this plan. While I think a lot of these things are good there is has to be a limit to "tax everyone to pay for xyz program". There are only so many xyz programs that a community can afford. There is also proposals to make streets narrower in Boulder to discourage driving even more.

The TMP has a goal of reducing the number of trips made by one person driving alone in a car (called “single occupant vehicle” mode share or SOV) to 25 percent of all trips by Boulder residents by 2025. While Boulder has made progress toward the goal, the city is not currently on track to reach it. Since 1990, SOV trips have been falling by about 0.4 percent per year. That rate would need to double to 0.8 percent per year to reach the goal. Today, each resident takes an average of about 12 trips per week in an SOV. If each resident shifted four of those trips to other modes, the goal would be reached.
The areas of the city with paid parking, including downtown and the CU campus, are on track to achieve or exceed the goal. A combination of additional investment and enhanced policy could help reach the goal, as would external factors such as a significant increase in the price of gasoline.

Just because one is old does not mean they can't ride

That's a slap in the face of anyone over 60. There are plenty of older people on bikes these days plus we aren't talking spandex riding here, just getting around and no better mid-sized town in Colorado does it better than Boulder. There are still parking spaces in town for those who must drive, my lazy ass never has a problem finding a spot when I drive.

Yeah, when your 78 yo

Yeah, when your 78 yo grandmother with a hip replacement and a bad ticker needs to go into downtown Boulder from her home in Longmont, let me know how that works out for her.

News flash: not everyone driving in Boulder lives in central Boulder.

Exactly...my mother lives in

Exactly...my mother lives in Longmont and just had an ankle replacement. Parking in a garage and walking 2 blocks to get to the Cheesecake Factory ain't working. And riding the bus from Longmont or parking on the outskirts of Boulder, getting her bicycle off a bike rack and riding into downtown isn't going to work.