The Boulder Velodrome is OPEN

From Boulder Velodrome

I was there today riding in one of the classes and it was awesome! Even though I have ridden a few Velodrome (but never raced) this one is unique considering how steep the banking it and you can really feel the G forces applied to you if you come in hot on those corners. I'm hooked.. but I'm also an easy sale when it comes to bike stuff. Bad news is, Surly Steamrollers will NOT work on this track, the bottom bracket clearance is to low. But even if you don't have a bike, they have plenty you can use for free if you take a class. I will also have some video to post later. FOLKS ITS ON! Come join the 303cycling league and get ready for racing!!

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I took the class from 6pm to 7pm on Monday night. The class was full! There were right around 10 people and of those 10 3 were woman which kind of surprised me. Out of the 3 woman 2 had never ridden a fixed gear and had never raced before.

At the end of the class we had everyone in the class on the track which makes things a little interesting.

I asked about being certified to enable riders to take part in the open riding sessions and the leagues. You can go to a track certification which is free or if you take a beginner class. It is up to the discretion of the teacher to certify you.

I am hooked!


I went through the beginners class on Tuesday at 10:00 am with two other guys. Paul was the instructor. Even though I have been riding and road racing most my life, this was the first time for me on a fixed gear and on a track. I had the time of my life. What a rush. Paul did a great job. Bottom line: I am hooked. I will be there again at 9:00 am on Saturday.