Kids Bike Parade, Bus assisted riding, new bike lanes in Denver area and more

Random cycling post day... lots of stuff I have saved up or recently found..

The Parent Place in Boulder will be hosting their annual Kids Bike Parade. We have gone to this event for the last 7 years and have seen it grow a lot. Your kids will LOVE IT and it is super great for the really small ones.

July 4th party at Community Cycles.

Bus Assisted Downhill Mountain Biking
Check out Rubber Side Down's post onBus Assisted Biking to Nederland. The article basically talks about what it takes to have RTD help get you up to Ned and the joy ride on the way back down.
Mayor HickenLooper of Denver announces 11 new bike lanes
Full story can be found on Bike Denver
  • Mariposa Street - 8th Avenue to Colfax Avenue
  • Larimer Street - Broadway to Downing Street
  • Champa Street - 19th to 24th Street
  • Welton Street – Colfax Avenue to 14th Street
  • Tremont Street - 16th Street to Broadway
  • Stout Street - 30th Street to Downing Street
  • 31st Avenue - Downing Street to Race Street
  • Martin Luther Kind Boulevard - Elizabeth Street to Quebec Street
  • Yale - Syracuse Way to Quebec Street
  • 22nd Avenue - Park Avenue West to York Street
  • East 12th Avenue - Clayton Street to Madison Street

Wanna find a new ride this weekend, check out 303Cycling's Boulder area rides page!

Past Kids Bike Parade

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