Boulder Bike Commuting class today

I wish this class was getting more coverage because there are a TON of folks out there whom should take this class (sidewalk riders, wrong side of the street, etc.). I'm hoping I can attend this just to hear what kind of agenda he has and what folks ask him in class.

Are you new to biking, new to Boulder or just want to know more about bike commuting? Whether you and your family bike for health, recreation, or simply back and forth to school or work, we invite you to join GO Boulder Ambassador Jaime Bogardy for this special one-hour workshop. We'll learn about Boulder's bike lanes and multi-use paths, including a free website to help you navigate all 300 miles of them! Jaime will also share the five secrets of defensive, safe biking. Exclusive bonus: How to achieve the perfect helmet fit! We'll leave plenty of time for your questions too.

* Location:REI Boulder Community Room - 1789 28th St
* Contact:303-583-9970
* Cost: Free

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For more information on commuting check out Commute By Bike

today they had a good story on Target Fixation

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