Boulder wins 2014 National Cyclocross nationals!

Local cyclists hope to showcase Valmont Bike Park in 2014-15 championships

Boulder is no longer one of the 3 finialist, they ARE the finalist! Boulder wins 2014 National championships

From USAC Website

Following an unprecedented bevy of strong bids, USA Cycling has selected Boulder, Colo., Austin, Texas and Asheville, N.C. to host its 2014, 2015 and 2016 Cyclo-cross National Championships respectively.

The cyclo-cross national championships are expected to bring upwards of 1,200 competitors and 10,000 spectators to these communities. “We had three outstanding bids making the only logical choice to award all three communities,” said USA Cycling Managing Director of National Events Micah Rice. “The decision to award one-year contracts for the championships will also help foster cyclo-cross racing in three distinctively different parts of the country.”

USA Cycling evaluated potential host cities using various criteria, including: accessibility, community support, course options, technical expertise and the organization’s commitment to volunteer recruitment, marketing and lodging. Each community will be required to host an international-caliber test event ahead of the national championships.

With a handful of top-caliber cyclo-cross events already in place at Boulder’s Valmont Bike Park, the northern Colorado cycling-hotbed was the obvious choice to host in 2014. The tried and true, permanent cyclo-cross course and facilities will offer the ideal structure to host the nation’s best.

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Got it

So the national governing body of cycling should put Olympic and World level development as a secondary priority to what is most convenient for your race season. We should not push cycling towards the schedule of every other country so that it is more convenient for Joe Amateur. Perhaps we should move Nationals to late October, since that is when "the majority" of racers are in greatest attendance?
So, you would be OK with the change if we were all over the podium? Apparently the women's results don't count in your book, since we do quite well there. And Page's 2nd place is of no value either. Maybe you could outline for USAC the podium scenario that would make it worth of re-arranging your season an additional 3 weeks.

I think this may help - ACA was a grass-roots, amateur racing based organization. USAC is not.

Split nats

There was some discussion at a while ago about splitting 'cross nats - having elites/collegiates in January and masters/juniors in December. It makes sense to keep the masters/juniors together as there is strong affinity between the groups - kids and their parents are competing. Likewise, there is some affinity between collegiates & elites - in fact some collegiates compete as elites and they certainly are aiming to be at that level.

How many elites go to worlds? 10-15? How many non-elites compete at nats? 1200-1500? Should we try to accommodate the needs of both rather than catering to one or the other? Hence the idea for splitting the championships.

Causal vs coincidental

It might be helpful if you understood that Page's 2nd place came at the end of a very Euro racing season and the timing of the US Natz had nothing to do with his placing. If USAC were truly promoting elite/pro level 'cross, they'd pay for the US riders to live in Belgium during their teens and early 20s.