West Magnolia trails to soon close near Boulder

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From the DailyCamera

This May, though, the trails are snow-free earlier than usual, and mountain bikers should ride while they can. Around June 1, the U.S. Forest Service will close West Magnolia for "fuels reduction" -- thinning and cutting down trees in parcels totaling 330 acres in the recreation area to reduce fire potential and pine beetle infestation.

Tree removal is expected to take at least two months, and after that, the Forest Service will do rehabilitation work in the area, such as restoring compacted soil and reseeding the ground. It's unclear whether the area will reopen before fall, said Elsa Kirby, spokeswoman for the Forest Service's Boulder Ranger District.

Only one section of the cut parcels will be visible from the road, Kirby said. But trail users will see a difference.

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