Boulder wants low stress biking for all citizens

Partly from Daily Camera

Biking and walking in Boulder should be "low-stress" experiences that are as open to women with young children and older people who aren't in the best shape, not just to fit men who are comfortable negotiating busy streets.

Great move by the city of Boulder to not only support athletic cyclists but focus on all people who could ride a bike but don't because their fellow car drivers make them feel unsafe.

The city plans on engineering this new philosophy into the Boulder Transportation Master Plan

To help with that process the city of Boulder is looking for feedback on the 6 experimental biking changes as part of their living laboratory implemented last year. You can go to to read or add your feedback to the changes implemented.

However one major transportation item needing of attention are the links between regional neighborhoods and cities
One of the decisions Boulder will have to make is whether to prioritize transit connections within the city, adding more neighborhood connector routes or whether to invest more heavily in regional routes and bus rapid transit along regional corridors such as Diagonal Highway and Arapahoe Road.

Obviously this will partly fall on the shoulders of the county which sadly has their hands full with flood rehab and angry rural residents due to the LID/PID issue.

Transportation Master Plan Overview from Boulder, Colorado on Vimeo.

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