Volunteers clean Boulder Velodrome

The staff and frequent riders of the Boulder Velodrome started to notice the the normal sweeping/vacuuming and mopping of the track every 6-8 weeks just wasn't getting it. Everyone agreed that the conditions of the track were getting slicker and upon closer inspection dust wasn't the common culprit but a combination of sweet, dirt, and chain lubricants. So last Saturday volunteers got together and worked hard for 3 hours cleaning the track better than any past cleaning because this time they brought climbing gear allowing them to get into positions that really allowed them to apply some real pressure to the track and get some good scrubbing action.

Now many believe the difference can really be felt and additionally the track area appears a lot brighter. The staff at BIC would like ask the riders to please consider only using wax-based chain lubricants and not oil based. A special thanks also needs to be extended to those who helped clean the track too. Charlie Suthard, Dale Stetina, Jennifer Floor, Michael Catterall, Jerry Greenleaf, Don Hobbs, Emanuel Alongi

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Was that supposed to be an insult?

"I'm'sure that someday soon you'll all come to the understanding that this isn't really a "velodrome," but a playground."

Wow, sounds like someone is bitter about all the fun that they are missing out on at the track... I think that was supposed to be an insult, but it may have come off more as a compliment. A playground for adults on bicycles sounds pretty awesome to me. (and I don't think anyone is fooled, we all know that it's not a indoor-UCI-250m ADT Center, or Laoshan Velodrome)

I think BIC is the perfect stepping-stone to introduce the masses to track cycling. Additionally, there no better place to learn than one of the worlds hardest tracks to ride.

Playground? Maybe so, that's a good thing.

It's easy to criticize, hard to make something happen. Given the economics of building a track in expensive Boulder (how many other attempts have not panned out?) my hat is off to the folks at BIC for getting it done. No, it's not the perfect venue for sanctioned track racing, but every cold and snowy day that I would otherwise be on a trainer I'm thankful for the chance to spend a few hours riding at tempo with some fine people. Folks with a positive attitude and the desire to enjoy themseleves on a banked oval (no matter the length) are welcome and encouraged to come join us. It's a blast for beginner to expert. And if a playground is somewhere you go to have a good time, socialize and get some exercise, then maybe it is and I'm glad of it.

Playground, etc

Why isn't it a good venue for sanctioned racing? I have ridden the track a few times. I don't see why there can't be racing of all types there, from madisons, to points racing to match sprinting, etc. I have also inquired about racing dates and programs at BIC only to be met with some sort of convoluted answer about why there won't be any that night or this night. The website info on racing is anything but clear. Why can't there be a Madison training night during the week? Yes I agree that it is great to be able to roll around indoors during the winter. It seems to me that they try to make the BIC a "family fun" place. That's fine. But a 142 meter 45 deg banked track should be more than a family fun track.

There where people out

There where people out racing on Tuesday night.
I did some in the Spring. Small tight track so must be small fields and people need to be very close in abilities.
Madison - Expert riders only.

*The track is really 132 Meters and and around 40 degrees. Great for training but not the best for racing.

your facts are wrong

According to the website, the track is 142 meters and 45 deg banking. I am a cat 2 on the track been a cat 2 forever just because there is no need to upgrade to a cat 1 if I am already in the same race, I have raced PLENTY of madisons, Yeah they are not for the squeamish espcially on a small track, but with proper instruction any cat 3 and above track rider should be able to do them. That is why I said a weekly madison training session would be great. Madisons are great winter training tools


Official track measurements occur on the inside of the sprint line. Regardless of what the website says or anyone speculates, the track is not 142 meters, it's much, much shorter. At 142 meters we would all be setting national/world records!

That said, I have raced on the track here and it works fine for smaller groups of 6-7 riders. Kilos and pursuits are pretty safe, point and match sprint races less so, Madisons are clearly for the most aggressive riders. I was out on the track when 2 US National team members went down doing an exchange and they are top notch. Was it the track? Don't know, but think I'll let that one be.

The point is if you want to ride the track they have something for everyone. The intro classes teach great skills that can be picked up quickly. The banking is no issue once you get a few laps under your belt. It's not too crowded during many open sessions so you can practice pretty easily without much traffic.

And I don't work for the track, I pay to ride just like everyone else. I'm just a fan that things it's a whole lot of fun.


Tracks are measured on the black "measurement" line at the bottom of the track. It's track racing, riders crash, it is the nature of the sport. I have been there 4 times it is a very very easy track to ride, to do jumps, to maneuver on, etc. When ADT was built the very first major event was JR Nats. We had 10 year old kids on a brand new surface asking "how do we ride it" We simply said "go out and have fun" Took the fear of crashing element out right from the start. ADT is a slicker surface than BIC, so was the Frisco 250 x 45 track before it was resurfaced the first time. BIC seems to want to make it more difficult than it needs to be. And if like you say the track is less than 45 deg well then that makes it even easier right?

Yes, on the Black Line, the

Yes, on the Black Line, the Track is around 132 Meters.
It, being less then 45 degrees, makes it harder to maintain the line during races. Simple Physics. They made it less then 45 degrees so it would be a more recreational track and so more bikes would work on it.