Volunteers clean Boulder Velodrome

The staff and frequent riders of the Boulder Velodrome started to notice the the normal sweeping/vacuuming and mopping of the track every 6-8 weeks just wasn't getting it. Everyone agreed that the conditions of the track were getting slicker and upon closer inspection dust wasn't the common culprit but a combination of sweet, dirt, and chain lubricants. So last Saturday volunteers got together and worked hard for 3 hours cleaning the track better than any past cleaning because this time they brought climbing gear allowing them to get into positions that really allowed them to apply some real pressure to the track and get some good scrubbing action.

Now many believe the difference can really be felt and additionally the track area appears a lot brighter. The staff at BIC would like ask the riders to please consider only using wax-based chain lubricants and not oil based. A special thanks also needs to be extended to those who helped clean the track too. Charlie Suthard, Dale Stetina, Jennifer Floor, Michael Catterall, Jerry Greenleaf, Don Hobbs, Emanuel Alongi

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But before you attempt to call me out on being a Cat 1 or Cat 2, try checking your spelling. and look at the rules applying to the different Cats. I can race in any event anywhere in the world that a Cat 1 can so why do I need a Cat 1? And here in CO. you do A, B, C racing so what does being a Cat 1 accomplish?