Boulder Velodrome class 1 complete

I completed my first class of 6 in the advanced track course taught by Missy Thompson. We have 6 students total all appeared to be very skilled riders leaving me as the weakest link. The theme of the class today was paceline practice. Missy did a great job of leading us in instruction and fellow riders helped me work through my squirrlyness riding. For most of the class we practiced 1 lap pulls and moving to the back of the paceline. This is something I have done for years but after being on the track with these guys at speed one would wonder if I had amnesia, where did my 18 years of riding go?

I strongly recommend to anyone to take the series classes, I can't imagine trying to practice my track skills unsupervised and with folks I hardly know... will they want to do a paceline with me, will they have good advice to give like experieced track stars like Missy Thompson (anyone who was a USCF licensed rider in the mid 90's remember reading about Missy's successes in the USCF magazine).

Other track news
League racing begins Feb 16 so get your certification, get your team together and get ready to rumble. 303cycling is currently looking for riders to join our team, the cost the free and the riding is fun.

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