The Crash Thread

All about Velodrome crashes

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Saw my first one today at a

Saw my first one today at a II open. Apex of the bank on the blue line. Two riding together down hard. Walked away but ended their session. Tire pressure too low in the front was blamed. Ouch, to be avoided.


It happens at the velodrome for sure. I was crashed into by someone going too slow who slid down the track. Separated shoulder. This happened in January and I am almost back to 100%. Unfortunately, these things happen.

The last few crashes I have seen have been people going too slow and sliding down, either onto someone else, or just themselves. It is odd that slow speed crashes are still happening with frequency. One happened in our advanced class and I have heard of many others with the same slow speed thing.

I hope the awareness of what is happening around you necessary for safe riding at the velodrome continues out to road races.


I agree that the track awareness, bobble head, clear communication thing can only help on the road, racing or in groups. I hope some spills over too.

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