How do you ride, on Sidewalks or Roads?

Recently there has been a sparing of comments on the local newspaper about cyclists riding on sidewalks. Today, Ann Haebig of Community Cycles talks of cyclists riding on sidewalks because there are no protected bike lanes
From the Daily Camera

The more important question is why are cyclists riding on the sidewalk? Cyclists ride the sidewalk when they don't feel safe in the street. On south 30th Street, the percentage of sidewalk riders increases during rush hour, when large amounts of traffic make the narrow bike lane even more intimidating.

Sometimes riding on the roads can be intimidating especially in cities that are less bike friendly or for those cyclists who bike their drive. However in Boulder most of the time one should feel comfortable to ride without fear, the exception may sometimes be when you are on a multi-use path which have a high number of Pathletes. If you are in a bike friendly community than take note where the safe routes are, sometimes they are in the least suspecting place and very likely NOT a route you would or even could take with a car. If however you are in a less bike friendly community than throw all of this out the window and ride where ever safe because clearly that community does not care for cyclists. One of the problems that beginner cyclists have is their belief that sidewalks are safer when rarely they are (except in unbike friendly communities). What one thinks is their reality so lets help educate cyclists.


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