Boulder Sheriff speaks of Patience and courtesy on county roads

Is the image of cyclist in Boulder riding on thin ice? Today the Boulder Sheriff AND the Director of Boulder County Transportation speak reach out to both cyclist and motorist asking them for "patience and courtesy" in the opinion section of the DailyCamera found here

Courtesy goes a long way

Since 2001, Boulder County voters have twice supported a transportation sales tax for improvements that help make our roads safer and more convenient for all modes of travel. With this funding, over 80 miles of shoulders have been built along existing roads, allowing bicyclists to ride in their own lane and cars to pull over out of traffic. These improvements have provided safer options for drivers and bicyclists, alike, boosting Boulder County's status as a haven for bicyclists of all types and abilities: daily commuters, families out for a weekend ride, and competitive riders on a training ride.

This increase in bicycling, however, has also caused tension between motorists and bicyclists, leading to some unfortunate conflicts in our mountain communities. These conflicts seem to be occurring more often along our scenic mountain roads and canyons, where bicyclists like to ride and where roads can be narrow and winding without much room for passing. Residents who drive these roads every day can be frustrated by slower moving bikes, while bicyclists often feel endangered by cars passing them on a curvy mountain road.

Patience and courtesy by everyone can go along ways in reducing tension; however in an effort to make mountain roads safer for all users, the Boulder County Sheriff's Office and Transportation Department are convening a group of bike riders and residents of the mountain communities to work together to identify specific steps that the community and the county can take to make mountain roads safer. Working through the fall to complete our objectives, we are committed to implementing effective solutions within the county's reach and to working with our community partners to carry out good ideas beyond our purview. We believe well-intentioned people with different perspectives, working together, can help make Boulder County roads safer for everyone.


Boulder County Sheriff and Director of Boulder County Transportation, respectively

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