Keep Kids Rolling on Bikes - Trip Tracker Program in Boulder

From Huffingtonpost

One program in Boulder, Colorado has been able to have remarkable success however and is drawing national attention. The unlock actually turned out to create a completely unexpected benefit for Boulder at a critical time.

Boulder Valley School District's Trip Tracker program is making walking, biking, busing and carpooling to school cool again. Last year they estimate they reduced 117,000 miles of driving and 5,850 gallons of gas use in just three schools. This year they're in 12 schools and they're projecting a reduction of half a million miles of driving. That's the rough equivalent of 156 coast to coast road trips.

The solution was currency -- social and financial. If a kid gets to school four times without a ride from mom or dad, they earn a TripTracker Dollar that can be used at any one of a dozen locally-owned stores, bakeries, amusement parks and book stores. Some kids are earning as much as $40 per month.

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