Some Boulder Roads closed indefinitly.

From the Daily Camera

"The damage has been so significant that our commuting and recreational patterns have been changed dramatically, and we ask that the community be patient as we work to restore access and infrastructure over the next months and years," George Gerstle, Boulder County transportation director, said in a news release.

Also rumor has it that temporary road structures will be setup by the army corp of engineers just to make the routes useable but questionable if recreational usage will be allowed until the permanent structure can be put in place

Hope For Mountain Bikers

From a good source word is Rabbit Mountain will be the first Open Space MTB trail to open in the Boulder area and some other light trails have already opened. See Boulder County announcement

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Does anyone know if they are allowing cyclists to ride up Sunshine? I know they have a security checkpoint and checking drivers licenses for addresses, but wonder about those attempting to recreate on their bike? If so, guesstimates as to when they may lift the restrictions. Thank!

HEADS UP: Middle Fork Road--Crestview Estates

With the closure of 36 and Left Hand--and basically all the canyons around Boulder--there has been an increase in bicycle traffic up Middle Fork Road. This has caused the Crestview neighborhood to ask the national guard (or whoever is guarding 36 out there while the road is fixed) to turn cyclists around and not allow them up the road.

They can't do this for long, as it is a public road, and 36 will soon be open (if it isn't already) and the national guard will be gone.

As a cyclist and a resident of Crestview, I urge you to be careful if you DO decide to ride the two miles up Middle Fork (and back down again, as it is not a through road.)

There are no shoulders and the road is in bad shape with cracked pavement, potholes, and tons of rocks/gravel where people's driveways washed out onto the road itself. Some of my neighbors drive like bats out of hell--even around the hairpin turns. And apparently more than a few of them hate "us."

If you just *have* to ride it, PLEASE ride single file for safety. Spread the word.

Thanks and be careful out there!

Please inform your neighbors

Please inform your neighbors that "hate" will not be tolerated.

Lots of cyclists have Go Pro cameras on their bikes and are working professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, Public Servants).

If anyone over there is aggressive on the road I have plenty of time to return the favor (Retired Lawyer and PI).