Switzerland Biking Trail

The Switzerland Trail is an the reminets of a old railroad that provided supplies to Boulder mining towns and provided others with quick tourist access to the mountains. All that is left of the 12.5 mile route is a road bed that gradually rises and falls as it winds its way North/South from Sugarloaf to Ward (almost). While the grade is pretty mild the roadway can be a little rough going at times so unless you are very skilled, a mountain bike is required. The views are amazing on this trail, hence how the trail got its name of Switzerland Trail.

If you are going to arrive at the trail by car then you can access it on either Surgarloaf Rd or Gold Hill Rd. And for the fit rider, and Boulder has plenty, you can ride there via Four Mile road and WallStreet.

map from http://switzerlandtrail.blogspot.com/

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