Video from US Pro Challenge Rally last night in Boulder

This was from the rally in Boulder last night to show support to bring the race to Boulder in 2012

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I love the excitement and

I love the excitement and enthusiastic attitude of the cycling community in Boulder. I do agree that some part of the race should include Boulder. BUT.... first lets be thrilled that such a race with such a start list is even taking place in the state. One step at a time. This is the start of a really great thing that will support the local communities financially and promote health and fitness through cycling. It does not get any better then that.

USAPRO in Boulder for 2012

I hear the big no-no this year for Boulder was the timing of the race, and the fact that hotel occupancy was too high due to kids coming back to CU. So, for 2012, would the race need to be coming through Boulder a week earlier or later? surely that has implications, as a week earlier might conflict with Tour of Utah. A week later might be over Labor Day. can anyone educate me on this topic?


how about not at all? Boulder gets many opportunities to be "showcased" spread the wealth to the Salida's or other small towns that do a fine job of supporting cycling(there are many) sounds like our Boulder is plenty busy right now, just look around.

Spread the wealth? Huh? What

Spread the wealth? Huh? What "wealth?" It's not as if the race is paying the host cities to be there. This morning's Post mentioned that Salida had to raise $70K to put on a stage start. If Boulder can put up the cabbage and present a strong case for being part of the race, then they should at least be considered. But if the city government doesn't want to take part, then it's up to the citizens to convince them otherwise. The same is true whether we're talking about Boulder, Salida or any other town.


you don't think the salida local businesses will make that money back? Ever hear of the saying spend money to make money? I was under the impression if the race came to a small town it was a huge bump to the local economy, hope it works for them, so other small colo towns can be a host.


Sure boulder is sort of the center of US professional cycling, but why do Boulderites always think they're something special?
I love Boulder. What a beautiful city! Too bad there are so many finger-wagging, Prius-driving, pedestrians-get-the-right-of-way, Boulderites there.