Boulder Pilot program may allow electric bikes on its mulit-use paths

From the Daily Camera

Boulder may allow electric bikes on its multi-use paths under a year-long pilot program.

Advocates for electric bikes say they're just as safe as regular bicycles, and having access to the paths would allow users to take more advantage of Boulder's cycling infrastructure. Some other users of the multi-use paths say the faster speeds and greater weight of electric bicycles means they cannot safely share the already-congested trails with pedestrians and standard bikes.
If the pilot program moves forward, it would last a year and be limited to the paved multi-use path system. Electric bikes would still not be allowed on sidewalks or open space trails.

Now, electric bicycles are allowed in the bike lanes on streets shared with vehicles.

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Don't fear the e-bike

Anything that gets more people on bicycles will strengthen the cause for better infrastructure.

If you have never ridden a really nice ebike, you should try one of the ones that is what is known as a "pedalec". These are ebikes that you can't just twist a throttle, you must pedal, and the motor assists your pedaling. Optibike is the Rolls Royce, but Specialized is coming out with a high end pedalec that you won't even recognize as an ebike unless you look twice.

You can get just as good a workout on your commute with a pedalec, you'll just go faster. Once they FINALLY get a bike path along 36, you could easily make if from Table Mesa in Boulder to downtown Denver in 45 minutes or so. It opens a lot of new commuting possibilities.