"Time to turn open space priorities inward"

From the Daily Camera
In the Letter to the Editor by former Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance President, Jason Vogel, he points out that city officials should stop focusing on Open Space (growth) and draw it back to developing and re-developing urban parks, trails and bike paths.

We have won -- we have stopped development in Boulder. Now let's turn inward and fund our bike path system, our neighborhood and pocket parks, redevelop parts of the city to create more livable spaces and more places where we can work and live and shop all in walking and biking distance.

Your right Jason, how much open space do we need when much of it is untouchable to us? Not sure if this attitude is happening due to access rights of the land or just a social change to focus on community and where they live. For me personally I'd much rather see say the Boulder Creek path to be expanded to 95th street than for Boulder to spend millions of dollars on another parcel of land... unless that lands is being purchased to complete a trail system. Or just take the land we have and make it more accessible. Oh, preservation is their (open space) prime directive, that will make things more difficult.

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