Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks is closed by emergency order because of unstable bridges, trail degradation and damaged trailheads. We need the public's cooperation in staying off OSMP lands to help the City remove debris and assess safety concerns. The public is not permitted on OSMP lands until public safety issues are addressed and the city lifts the closure. Anyone found inside the closure is subject to a summons with potential fines of up to $1,000 and or 90 days in jail.

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And some Road Closures from cyclist/firefighter

Some info on roads if you want to pass on to the group:
All roads to Carter Lake are still out unless you head north to Yellowstone
and jump on 287 and head in that way.
49th street, dirt is now open between Niwot and Oxford.
41st and Oxford still closed
39th off of Neva open for a cross bike.
Sunshine Canyon open but not to bikes (yet).
36 still closed at Middlefork. Crestview Estates not open to bikes.
Believe Hygiene closed west of 75th street
75th street open all the way through Hygiene.
Big one. Ran into Sheriff Officer today at 66 and Rabbit Mountain. He asked
me to pass on to everyone that Rabbit Mountain is closed and would appreciate
cyclist not even riding on 66 west.
Thats all I know.
Be safe and courteous riding. Some folks are on edge.

Boulder open space flood damage 'horrendous'

Small rivers run where hikers once walked, and massive debris fields now block major trails. The conditions on Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks are "horrendous" after five days of flooding, Open Space Director Mike Patton said Monday.

Patton said he saw devastation everywhere he went, starting Thursday morning. The road into Gregory Canyon is now a creek, which needed to be immediately diverted because it ran into the adjacent neighborhood. The McClintock fire road at Chautauqua Park is blocked by a debris field 20 to 30 feet high and twice as long. A brand-new trailhead at Thomas Lane for the South Boulder Creek Trail is wiped out. Numerous other trailheads are still underwater or severely damaged.