Was the USPRO Challenge worth it for Boulder?

Over the next few weeks Boulder leaders will have to decide if hosting a stage of the USAPro Challenge was worth it this year and should it be hosted again in the future. According to the Daily Camera the race generated an estimated $48,000 in tax revenue yet it cost the city $283,000 in services support. In addition to the costs this event damaged the image and support of Boulder Open Space. Sounds like officials are on the fence at the moment, for full details read the Daily Camera article.

From the Daily Camera

The City Council will hold a public hearing and discuss its interest in hosting the race in the future at its meeting Thursday. If council members support a 2013 bid, they would hold another meeting and public hearing Nov. 15 before signing an official letter of support.

Boulder Mayor Matt Appelbaum said he doesn't know yet where he'll come down on the issue.

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"this event damaged the image

"this event damaged the image and support of Boulder Open Space"

Kris: could you clarify this comment? Do you mean the spitting match between the race supporters and the NIMBY's? I wasn't aware that there were lasting repercussions other than highlighting the existing divide between the active and passive use camps.

From Boulder Mtn. Bike Alliance

From the BMA: This Thursday, Boulder City Council will be talking about the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. The same voices that didn't want the race here the first time around will be out in force to shut it down. If you can go to the council meeting, please show up and speak. Otherwise, email council: council@bouldercolorado.gov

Some talking points:
- city council should support flagstaff as the alpe d'huez of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge
- we might not host the event every year, but we should aim to be a part of the event as often as possible
- this is a community event, we Boulder citizens loved it!
- the economic impact of the event is not measured in a single day's tax revenue, but in the intangibles like the Boulder brand and long-term tourism
- people behaved responsibly, lower enforcement on Flagstaff and save some money
- this event encourages cycling and an active lifestyle