Boulder Safe Street's new Heads Up Safety Campaign

Born out of the recent Boulder Safe Streets Report that came out this past Febuary, a campaign to help improve safety at crosswalks is moving forward. According to the study 39% of all bike/auto accidents happen at crosswalks.

From pg 5 of the Safety Report

The new Heads Up, Mind the Crosswalk Campaign is to educate users of how these crosswalks work because by far the majority of the communities we grew up in crosswalks were non-existent or just white paint on pavement.

From the Heads Up website

Heads Up is part of the collision reduction strategies for Safe Streets Boulder. The Heads Up theme is based on the concept that safety requires all participants at crosswalks to be attentive and aware of the rules.

The straightforward, graphical images and key messages are the result of conversations with a cross-section of regular crosswalk users in Boulder who self-identify as primarily automobile drivers, bicyclists or walkers.

Heads Up is a collaborative campaign funded by the City of Boulder and a Safe Routes to School grant administered by the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD). Boulder Police, University of Colorado officials, local businesses and nonprofits all helped to develop the campaign.

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