BMA needs your vote to finish Boulder Mobile app

One of the screen shots of the app

The Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance is working to finish a mobile app they have been working on which will connect and inform area mountain bike riders of local trails, conditions, BMA events and more. Here are the highlights from their website

  • Check conditions and plan your ride to avoid mud or closed trails
  • Update conditions as you see them on the trail
  • Learn about the trail experience ahead of you via detailed trail descriptions
  • Give your personal 5-star rating to trails
  • Save your favorite trails and trail areas for fast reference
  • Explore using the overlaid trails and trailheads on Google Maps
  • Keep up to date with mountain bike happenings with the events and realtime Twitter streams

BUT BMA needs your Vote Today!

The project is in the running for a $1500 Boulder Good Fund and the voting ends at the end of today!

First vote on the app if you are interested in it (see link above) and if you want more details on the features and behavior of the app then check out the apps homepage. Being an Android mobile app developer myself maybe it is time for me to work on a road routes app and hill climbs, anyone want to join me? It would obviously lack the BMA aspect as road cyclists in the front range have no such organziation similar what the BMA is. I've been saying for a long time, Boulder needs a BRA

The Daily Camera also has an article on it today.

GOOD is celebrating the launch of GOOD Boulder and the awesome efforts that are moving this city forward. Submit your ideas/projects here to apply for $1,500 to support what you're working on.

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