Boulder resources for getting kids to school safely on bikes

This week Boulder Valley School District starts up and what better time to start you and family down the path of healthier way to get to school then by ditching the car and hoping on your bikes! Both Denver and especially Boulder are very dedicated to this new movement. Some area schools like my neighborhood one is in the process or using Federal Safe Routes to Schools to promote more walking and biking. Here are some resources and tips for biking to school this year.



  • Make a plan and stick to it. Start easy, my school encourages students to ride every Wednesday, how hard is that, one day a week. So keep it simple at first, if that succeeds then expand it but once a week for many would be HUGE!
  • Don't use the same route you would by car Another huge mistake my bike commuters in general, on bike your best route might not always be the same you would take by car. While this route might take an extra block or 2 it will be worth it!
  • Parents, wear your helmets I'm always so confused when I see parents riding to school with their kids and the child has a helmet but not the parent. What message are you sending your child and every kid that sees you?
  • Don't make getting to school a race Chill out and enjoy the ride, your not going to get fit even if you were to ride hard so don't.

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