Boulder has most bike commuters in the nation

Boulder leads the nation has the highest percentage of workers commuting by bike according to the American Community Survey

The Daily Camera has highlighted this story this morning. The DailyCamera is also looking to talk with Bike Commuters, contact if that is you!

Other Numbers in the nation

Jud Valeski uses his bike to drop his kids off at Whittier Elementary, then continues to his job with a software firm near Pearl and 16th streets every day of the year, rain, snow or shine. Valeski's 8-year-old son rides his bike
Sean Chambers, head bicycle technician for Dick's Sporting Goods in Broomfield, checks a bike at the East Interlocken Park stop during Bike to Work Day last year. ( DAVID JENNINGS )
alongside his father, while his 5-year-old daughter rides in a bike trailer.

"I want my kids to think about life and about transportation without a car," Valeski said. "Ten or 15 years from now, their memories of going back and forth to school will be memories of biking."

As for his own commute, it's just more practical to take his bike and not deal with parking downtown, he said.

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